Fast Forward to Slow Fashion

Fast Forward to Slow Fashion

Balanced. Ethical. Sustainable Living.

Has there been a moment wherein you have found yourself wanting to reuse your old fabrics/prints without having to discard them?

If yes, we are certainly of your type of Earthlings!

Sustainability can be adopted in different forms. So at The Giant Broccoli Project, we make it possible to use urban facilities to the Earth’s advantage.

The sustainable or slow fashion movement is an effort towards reestablishing our connect with clothes and décor in an Earth-friendly dimension. Slow fashion can be applied to wearables, home décor and workspace beautification – a movement desiring balance and inclusivity for the planet, as well as its inhabitants.

Fabrics that are now mainstream may be easy to produce, customize and please us. But they are beyond unpleasant to the Earth. Moreover, don’t we all get bored of our outfits within the first ten wears?

Don’t guilt trip over it. After all, we are human and it is human nature.

“I don’t want to protect the environment.
I want to create a world where the environment needs no protection.”

John Muir – The Father of National Parks.

What can we do to go GREEN in the true sense?

Recycle and upcycle.
Buy resilient fabrics made from natural fibres.
Design your own interiors with refurbished fabric – DIY everything!

Avoid discarding fabrics.
Animal products are not sustainable.
Avoid industrially synthesized raw material.

Let us all get together to reduce waste and save our planet.

Coming Up: What fabrics cause a minimal environmental impact?
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